2. Employee Registration (click to expand)

Step 1 > Add employees

Login to the GWMWater Contractor Management System and select Manage Employee Data. Choose Add Employee and enter your employee’s details. Select submit.

Step 2 > Choose worker role/s

Select process next to the employee’s name, select their role/s, and apply. Ensure you’ve agreed to the terms and conditions and choose a card delivery address. Select save.

You will pay for employee registration, access cards and inductions later in this process.

Step 3 > Upload supporting documents

You will now be prompted to upload documents supporting the role/s you’ve chosen for your employee, including a photo for their ID access card.

There are a number of additional competencies that, over time, will become mandatory. If you hold those competencies, we would recommend uploading them in this step.

Step 4 > Book induction

Book the GWMWater induction for your employee to complete. They’ll be emailed a link to complete the multiple-choice induction online.

Step 5 > Pay for registration

Registration costs $70 + GST per person, with the online induction costing $25 + GST.  Annual renewal costs $30 + GST per person.

Step 5 > Registration and training approved

Pegasus will review your employee’s registration and induction booking request, and on approval, they’ll be emailed a link to complete the induction. Upon successful completion, their ID card will also be mailed for site access.

You will only be pre-qualified to work for GWMWater when you have completed both business and employee registration.

Please visit the FAQ’s and Documents page for more information.